July 4, 1895 Marlborough Gun Club photo

January 15, 2015

From the Russell Smith Collection donated by M. Mahan.


Past View of Western Avenue

December 2, 2014

Photo donated by M. Mahan.
Western Avenue
Marlboro, NY.


Local History Researching Tip of the Week….

June 19, 2014

When searching for the history of your home refer to Betsy J. Green’s book, Discovering The History Of Your House And Your Neighborhood. According to Green, “The three most important sources of written information about your house are: 1. Deeds 2. Old phone books and city directories 3. Obituaries of former owners.” We have this book in the library available for circulating :)

Green, Betsy J. Discovering The History Of Your House And Your Neighborhood. Santa Monica, CA : Santa Monica Press LLC, 2002.


Memorial Day is Monday, the 26th!

May 20, 2014

This year’s Marlborough Memorial Day Parade is in Milton!
Did you know that we have DVDs of parades from the past available for checkout?



Post From The Past…

February 25, 2014

A look back at a post from 2011, which I still find very useful.

A Few Words on Genealogy…

If a patron comes to the Marlboro Free Library in search of ancestors from Marlborough, NY, then these are the resources the local history department likes to start with:

1. Surname Index to C.M. Woolsey’s “The History of the Town of Marlborough”

2. Surname Index to Cochrane’s “The History of the Town of Marlborough”

3. Index for Ulster Co., NY Gravestones

4. Ancestrylibrary.com, which is free at the Marlboro Free Library, with a Ulster Co. Library card

5. HeritageQuest Online

6. FamilySearch.org

7. Military Records for Marlborough, NY

8. Microfilm records


Village of Marlboro

January 23, 2014

This photo of the village of Marlboro shows another view of the 1897 Berean Building located on Western Avenue and the Marlborough Bakery, as well as the storefront view of J. Edwards meats and seafood’s business.


Upper Western Ave., Marlboro, NY

January 16, 2014


Postcard from the M. Dubois Collection. Ruben Publishing Co., Newburgh, NY. This photo of upper Western Avenue from the 1920s gives a view looking east towards the River. Of the three large buildings on the left (from left to right), the first building contained Warren’s Meat Market, next to that is the 1897 Berean Building with its triangular sunburst pediment still visible today, and by that is the Marlborough Bakery. The building that once contained Warren’s Meat Market is now a parking lot. Art from the Heart’s Gallery is located in the Berean Building and Comparetto Bakery is now where the Marlborough Bakery was at 20 Western Avenue.


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