Goudy Spotlight

July 16, 2009

               Type designer, Frederic W. Goudy lived in Marlboro from 1924 until his death in 1947. His home was located on Old Post Road, and was given the name “Deepdene.” On his property, Goudy set up a shop where he designed many types, one of which he named, “Marlborough.” In Goudy’s book, Goudy’s Type Designs: His Story and Specimens, he wrote, “the type was given the name ‘Marlborough’ after the name of the town where it was designed. I do not think the town itself was ever aware of the ‘honor’ paid it!”

               J. Ben Lieberman wrote in his introduction for Goudy’s book previously mentioned, “Frederic W. Goudy, as was noted in the program for the banquet ending his centennial year (1965-66), ‘was a genius and a giant among type designers, and he ranks with the immortals who altered fundamentally the styles of our typefaces.'”

One comment

  1. I’m glad to read that someone in Marlborough knows about good ‘ol Fred. He was a giant in the small world of type and typography, and his impact is still deeply felt in my ‘industry’ of type and fonts. In fact this month we started a website devoted to Fred and his wife Bertha and their life’s work. I encourage those interested, or those with first hand information about the Goudy’s to visit GoudyFont.Com and post relevant information in the blog area. Warm regards, Tom.

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