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August 26, 2009

When at our Library, check out on our website (in-library use only) by typing into the web browser,

Search historical records, stories, publications, photos and maps at which also features the complete 1930 U.S. Federal Census. For now, this collection can only be searched by computer on-site at the following libraries: Ellenville Public Library and Museum, Kingston Library, Marlboro Free Library, Elting Memorial Library (New Paltz) and Woodstock Public Library. Bring your library card and your family research.


The Hudson Taylor

August 10, 2009

Hudson Taylor

The Hudson Taylor served as the daily boat to Poughkeepsie in the early 1900s.


Spotlight on John Burroughs

August 5, 2009

John Burroughs(1837-1921) was a well-known local author, naturalist, poet, ornithologist, and teacher. According to Edward Kanze’s The World of John Burroughs, Burroughs taught at Marlboro and Buttermilk Falls around 1860-1863.

site of John Burroughs' private school

Where the Marlboro Free Library now resides, on the corner of Bloom Street and 9W,  was once the site of John Burroughs’ private school in Marlboro.