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Marlboro Elementary School Celebrates 50 Years

May 21, 2010

The present day Marlboro Elementary School celebrated it’s 50 years as a school at tonight’s board meeting!

Here is a picture of the construction of the Elementary School back in July of 1960:


Memorial Day 2010

May 17, 2010

In spirit of Memorial Day, visit the various war memorial monuments in our hometown. Call the library to schedule an appointment to view the names of those who served in the Civil War from Marlboro. Our library has local Memorial Day parades from the past on DVD available for public check-out. Also, this year’s Memorial Day parade will be in Milton.


Rossville Library Museum and the Rossville Cemetery

May 11, 2010

According to the church history provided through the Trinity United Methodist Parish website,, “in 1786, before our country had a president, Methodist Class Meeting took place in Middle Hope, New York. The Church was organized in 1788. Asbury Chapel, dedicated in 1822, was later sold. Another building, purchased in 1885, was dedicated Middle Hope Methodist Episcopal Church November 16, 1886. Fostertown folks attended Middle Hope services forming their own congregation in 1883. In 1834, Fostertown Methodist Episcopal Church was built and dedicated. In 1808 Meetings started in Rossville. In 1831, the Rossville Methodist Episcopal Church was dedicated. On December 29, 1975 Middle Hope, Fostertown and Rossville Churches united to become Trinity United Methodist Parish.” This old building  and cemetery are located at the intersection of Route 32 and East Road, near the borderline of Orange County and Ulster County in New York.


Image of Old Milton School, Milton, NY

May 3, 2010

Milton School image on

See also: World War II collection of boxes for Red Cross at Milton School image