WWI Monument in Marlboro

June 14, 2010

This monument was unveiled on Memorial Day, 1922 and is located in front of the Billesimo Real Estate Building in the center of town. The tablet itself is Bronze. The names on this monument are the names of those who served from Marlborough, NY in WWI. They are as follows:  Antonio Amodeo, Bertha C. Baildon, John K. Baildon, James A. Barry, Victor M. Baxter, Walter H. Baxter, Walter S. Betts, Robert J. Canniff, John F. Casey, Benjamin Chillura, Gabriel Ciamihette, William H. Clark, William J. Conn, Melvin Coutant, Elting Crosby, James O. Crowley, Edward Dowling, Chester A. Gaede, Joseph W. Greaves, Ingham J. Grimley, Louise Haberle, C. Burton Harthorn, C. Gordon Hughes, Fred D. Hulse, Fred Kniffen, William Kniffen, Louis R. Lyons, Frank Lockwood, H. Worden Lockwood, Charles Marano, Vincent Marano, William H. Masten, Duncan Monroc, Edward McCarthy, Matthew McCourt, George McElrath, Edward McGowan, Joseph McGuire, John M. McLaughlin, Peter McMullen, Elmer Nelson, Harry Ogden, Clarence Polhamus, Allen H. Purdy, Orville J. Purdy, Harry Rhodes, Ruth Riggs, Constantine Robson, Charles E. Ryan, John Santinello, Ray L. Schoonmaker, J. Fred Schoonmaker, Alfred H. Shortt, Oscard A. Shortt, Abraham Smith, John Steffens, Louis E. Steinbach, Donald D. Strope, Frederick R. Strope, Charles D. Taylor, Perry Tschupp, Amodeo Valicenti, Anielle Vanacore, Burton Warren, George E. Warren, J. Calvin Wygant Jr., Marion Wygant. In Memory of: George Burrows, Charles W. Viebey

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