Copy of 1933 photo of Original Investors of Marlboro Tomato Canning Factory

January 20, 2011

Western Avenue, Marlboro. Copy of 1933 Galati Photo identified by John Pizzo, Mary Amoroso, George Greiner, Linc Morehead, Joe Noto Sr., Howard Quimby, Paul Quimby, Howard Baker Jr.

Copy of Photo Donated by Dr. Anthony Pascale

Names identified as follows:  1st row left to right seated: Henry Palermo, Attorney; Steve Zambito, Antonino Canzoneri, Tony Canzoneri Jr., Salvatore Zambito, Joseph Pizzo, John Antinori, Ignazio Zambito, Ignazio Dina, Unknown.

2nd row: Guiseppe Garcia, Chet Yeaples, Alphonso Favata, Tony Lopresti, Manuel Lopez, Joe Favata, Howard Baker Sr., Joe Zambito, Andrew Berkery, Victor Lata, Nicholas Mertes, John Downer, Ed McGowan, Ignazio Comporetto, Domenico Chillura, Onofrio (Frank) Zambito

If anyone can identify the one unknown name in the first row at the end, on the right, please leave a comment! Thanks!

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