Some Tips for beginning your Genealogy Research

January 28, 2011

*Start with yourself and go backwards. Don’t forget to list all the members of your immediate family, spouse, and so on.

*Interview your eldest family members, ask to see old pictures, diplomas, obituaries, etc. With the old pictures, look to see if your family members are identified on the back, if not, then see if your eldest relatives can identify the members in the photos.

*Explore you local history centers in your community, such as the local history department at your local library, or any historical societies. Look for old history books on your town, cemetery records, old newspaper articles, etc. Old newspaper articles contain obituaries, as well as birth, death and funeral notices. Also, newspapers have announcements, such as engagement, wedding, and baptism annoucements. Advertisements and business notices, as well as court cases, documented in newspapers may also help you with your genealogy research.

*Try doing census searches through the many online resources I have listed on this blog, such as familysearch.org, and ancestrylibrary.com(which can be accessed for free with your Marlboro Library card at our library). You may have to try different spelling variations of your surname to get results.


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