The Night Boat to New York.

January 6, 2014


The Central-Hudson steamboat with paddle wheel, circa early 1900s.



  1. Hello, I have a painting (undated) that has a steamboat that lools very much like “The night boat to New York” above. Could you tell me more about the history of these steamboats.Thanks.

    • The following is a list of documents that we have here at the Marlboro Library pertaining to the Hudson Valley Steamboats:
      Steamboats (Hudson River) Hudson River by Daylight vol. X11 New York to Albany Oct. 9, 1899. Steamer Sailings, Central Hudson Line, Season 1916 Schedule. Peoples Line Steamers Drew- Captain S.J.Roe. Hudson River Night Line-Schedule April 1928. Day Line Steamers Time Table 1880. Day Line Steamers “Hendrick Hudson” 1907. Steamboat Rip Van Winkle Dt. Receipt 1848. Newburgh and Haverstraw Line Receipts 1890 & 1904. Peoples Line-Albany to New York 2 advertisements. List-Major Hudson River Night Boots. Business Card Marlene and Bob Jordy. Newspaper articles-75 cents fare from NYC to Mid-Hudson on 1901 Steamer. Ferry era over as Newburgh-Beacon Bridge opened in 1963. Copy of the Mary Powell passing the gates of the Highlands. A Riverman’s Log: On Getting Ready for Spring, Getting the “Mary Powell” Ready, 1890 and the “G.C. Adams” in 1931.

  2. The “Central-Hudson” is evidently the actual name of this steamboat operated by the Central-Hudson Steamboat Co. from 1899 to about 1910. She resembles the well known steamboat Mary Powell.

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