Goudy Collection

Frederic W. Goudy Collection, (1865-1947)

Access: Open to Research by Appointment

Acquisition: Library has received all contents through donations throughout the years.

Goudy, Frederic Letter from Carl Rollins to Mrs. Kohl. Letter from Timothy Rhee to Mrs. Kohl. The Type Speaks (framed) Lyons/Dalby Col. Handwritten Speech Feb. 21, 1945 for Marlboro High School in Lyons/ Dalby Col. “The Uncle’s Present” from Charles M. Gardner Co. Prebound Children’s books. (folder 2)The Life of Frederic Goudy (copies 16) Profiles/ Glorifier of the Alphabet. Getting Acquainted with the Goudys by Richard Ruggio. Frederic Goudy by Nancy Sleight. Goudy Death, Marlboro Record- May 16, 1947. Bertha M. Goudy America’s Greatest Woman Printer by Nancy Sleight. (folder 3) Printing News June 24, 1972. Printing News March 20, 1976. Printing News Articles Nov. 6, 1974. Printing News Articles Feb 27, 1954.  Publishers Weekly May 2, 1986.  (folder 4) Goudy’s Type Shop Destroyed by Fire (14 copies) Newspaper Articles from the Collection of Mrs. Anna Kohl. Newspaper Articles: Printers Plan Fund to Aid Goudy 1939. F.W. Goudy Home Becomes Shrine (2). Drive to Keep Goudy Home as Shrine a Failure. Historic Goudy House Razed to Ground, 8/23/78. Type Designer Acclaimed at Unveiling of Memorial. Goudy Plant Destroyed by Fire. Home Goudy bought at Sale as Printers Shrine. (folder 5) The Goudy’s of Marlborough by Elizabeth Plank, Original(folder 6) The Type Speaks. Frederick W. Goudy (2). Goudy Monotype Faces. Saks Fifth Avenue. A Village Collection is Given to Vassar. A List of Goudy Types. Catalog of Prints and Etchings. Type Samples 10 pt. Goudy Bold (8) A small Tribute to Frederic Goudy. Sm. Type Sheet Sample. Library of Congress Info. Bulletin. Goudy in Workshop (6) Goudyana. Goudy Wildlife Club (2) Goudy Printers Ink. Goudy Society Trip. Goudy Type Samples (4) Some Atlantia Goudy mementos. Colophon. Program- Memorial to Frederic and Bertha Goudy (2) (folder 7) Editorial- A Need to Memorialize Goudy. Newspaper Article-Type Designer Acclaimed. Sketch- Goudy. Frederic William Goudy- An Appreciation. A Keepsake-Letter from Carnes Photography. Goudy Committee. Goudy House. Keepsake-one of 250 copies. Wording from Memorial. Goudy Society Invitation. Postcard- Goudy Testimonial. Continental Type Founders Assoc. Keepsake for Dedication 1972. Goudy Memorial Program 1955 (2) Telegram. Electronics (2). The Goudy Memorial-Atlantic Graphic Arts Library. The Typophiles. Goudy Monotype Machine. Typographers Assoc. Membership Directory 1972. Typographers- spring ’60. (folder 8 ) Pamphlet- Pilgrimage to Deepdene. The Goudy Society. The Goudy Society Celebrates the 117th Birthday of Frederic W. Goudy March 12, 1982. Smithsonian Type Revivals. News and Views by E. Plank (2). Newspaper articles: Goudy Centennial Observed (2) Frederick Goudy society visits Marlboro June 1972. The PI-BOX famous type designer visits San Francisco April 1939. Post card to Alice and Fred T. Goudy Dec. 1944. The House By The Side of the Road. Recollections of my Christmas. Fortnightly Literary Club 1889. Holiday Greeting Western Union Mr. and Mrs. Fred. T. Goudy. Bertha Wedding Invitations on Western Soil Culture Paper. Louise Tabir Leitch- Letter to Bertha Nov. 24, 1894. Letters from Elizabeth Manion about videotape of Frederic Goudy Labels as to where sent. 1972 Membership Directory Typographers Assoc. The Goudy Soc. From Horace Hart. Card with the compliments of Horace Hart. Letters Apr. 3, 1972-June 24, 1972 Relating to Goudy Society. Obit. Of Louise Ellen Plank. Letter June 7, 1972 to John  Trieste and Horace Hart from Elizabeth Plank including History of Goudy collection (5 pgs).  Letter from Horace Hart to Mr. McKinney June 1, 1972. Letter to: All typographers- from Harvey Kittenplan. Letters- 9 Letters relating to Goudy Society and Goudy materials April 23, 1973-July 20, 1973. Letter to Elizabeth Plank from Elizabeth Manion July 20, 1978.  Newspaper- Printing News May 6, 1972. TANY topics May 1972. TANY letter to all members from Harvey Kittenplan, Pres. (Map File Drawer) Kodak slides with identifications by N. Sleight  1. The Brook at Deepdene, Bertha M. Goudy 2. “The Museum” A Typographic Print 3. Graphic Arts Library, Letter from Higgins- McArthur Co. 4. Letter-NYS College of Ag. Cornell U. to Russell Kohl, Goudy Wildlife Club 5. An Appreciation, Frederic Goudy, (Photo) 6. Letter to Mrs. Kohl from David Silve 7. Letter to Mrs. Kohl from B.M. Goudy 8. Goudy Cursive sample 9. “The Type Speaks” by Frederic Goudy (3) 10. Tribute on 70th Birthday March 8, 1935 Goudy Type 11. Deepdene Type Sample, Evening at Deepdent 12. “The Type Speaks” 13. “Goudy Bold” 14. “Goudy Bold” 1 &2 15. “Goudy Bold” 1&2 16. Goudy Forum 1 &2 17. “Goudy Old Style” 18. “Goudy Old Style” 19. “Goudy Old Style” 20. “Goudy Old Style” 21. The Evening News from George Basler (Letter) The Evening News Dec. 5, 1976-Who Was Frederic Goudy 22. The Career of Frederic  Goudy, Frederic Goudy Dies, World Famous Type Designer 23. Type Designer to be honored and numerous other articles. 24. NY Times-Goudy’s Type Shop Destroyed by fire.

Goudy cont. (Map File Drawer)25. 1938 Sketch of Frederic Goudy by Alexander Stern, Who Was Frederic Goudy? 26. Frederic Goudy at Work in His Studio, numerous other articles 27. Birthday gift lets Goudy, 75, Carry On, Mrs. Goudy Dead; A Type Designer 28. Surprise Party  Honors Goudy at Deepdene Frederic W. Goudy at Deepdene, 74, Cuts His Birthday Cake. 29. New York Herald Tribune Jan. 27, 1939 Printing Type Craftsman Who Lost Plant by Fire 30. Newspaper article, “Goudy Tree Dedication” 31. Frederic Goudy, Evening Post Article 32. RETROSPECTUS 33. Bertha M. Sprinks Graduate Certificate  34. “Good King Wenceslas” 35. Christmas Cards 36. Letter to Dad from son, Fred 37. Type Sample 38. Type Sample in Color 39. Type Sample in Color 40. Wildlife club- Newburgh 41. Newspaper article on Wildlife Club  42. 1972 Keepsake- Goudy Society 43. 1939 The Marlborough Record article- Goudy’s workshop burns down. 44. Ulster- Irish society award 45. Type Sample 46. Type sample 47. 1949 Christmas card 48. 1967 Goudy Society program 49. 1944 Christmas Card 50. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Fred T. Goudy 51. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Sprinks 52.  2 envelopes addressed to Mrs. Goudy 53. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Fred W. Goudy 54. Envelope addressed to Mrs. F. W. Goudy 55. 1944 envelope Ms. F. W. Goudy 56. Type sample 57-70. Type samples 71. Certificate of Vaccination- F. Goudy 1906 72. Presentation of the Bronze Bust 73. 1889 lit. club program w/ Bertha Sprinks performing a piano solo 74. NYU- Goudy, Designer of Types 75. 1934 from the Goudys Goudy cont. (Map File Drawer)76. Memorial to Fred and Bertha Goudy 77. All honor to Goudy (2 copies) 78. An excerpt about Goudy from Edwin Grabhorn May 15, 1933 79. Syracuse University celebrating Goudy’s hundredth type design called the Bertham 80. A bibliography of the Village Press 81. Goudy signature card, gift of E. Wygant 6/84 82. Types by Goudy at Syracuse in 1936 83. Lost Goudy Types 1939 84. The passing of Bertha Goudy 10/21/1935. 85. The Prop. Of Bookhaven Press sends regrets 86. The story of “Deepdene” 87. Keepsake for the 75th anniversary of the village press 88. 1902 marriage program of Mr. Ray Dwight Sprinks to Marie Mills Stuart 89. Old Man’s Kill with news announcement clipping 90. Drawing and story (Fred in Drawing) 91. 1896 News article on Goudy in the Accent 92. June 17, 1972 Goudy Society autographs 93. Son of Goudy 94. Letter and printouts to Mrs. Manion 95. Manhattan School of Printing 1954 to Will Plank  96. Evening at Deedene : an essay by Frederic W. Goudy Privately Printed, gift in memory of Edith Meckes by Marlboro Board of Education 97. 1933 The Journal article, “Goudys Honor guest of Women’s Journalistic Society and 1944 postcard and telegram 98. 1991 “the Age of Paper” 99. June 1998 MONEY magazine-article on Goudy type through a Hewlett Packer advertisement 100. Evening at Deepdene 101. Good King Wenceslas Christmas 1932 102. In Memoriam Frederic W. Goudy 103. Type Faces 104. Modern Uses of Antique Types 105. Marlborough Record march 11, 1932, “Surprise luncheon held in city for Frederic Goudy 106. New type face especially designed for Saks Fifth Avenue by Fred W. Goudy Goudy cont. (Map File Drawer) 107. Testimonial Meeting to Goudy March 24, 1939 108. The Goudy Society’s third annual Fred Goudy Birthday Party March 8, 1967 109. June 30, 1972 Letter to Mrs. Plank from J. Ben Lieberman concerning “The Joint Keepsake for the Goudy Pilgrimage”- The Joint Keepsake folder for the Dedication of the Frederic W. Goudy Commemorative Plaque by the Goudy Society at Deepdene, Marlborough, New York, June 17, 1972. Fred Goudy’s last letter with a note by Sol Hess, with examples of Goudy’s types. New Paltz News March 22, 1978 “The Goudy House.”  Highland Post January 26, 1939 “Fire Destroys Workshop of Frederic Goudy: $50,000 Blaze Wipes out Equipment of Famous Type Designer.”

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