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New Year Resolutions for Genealogists

December 29, 2011
  • Put all old documents, like old newspaper articles in archival sleeve protectors
  • Put family photos into photo albums
  • Start documenting family histories and family trees into ledgible, accessible  formats for future generations

Happy New Year from the Marlboro Library’s Local History Department!!


1889 Christmas Photo in Marlboro

December 23, 2011

The old Methodist Meeting House, which was where States Sarles and Son was located on Route 9W, was once used for Catholic Church services. Here is a photo that was taken of the Catholic  Parishioners in Marlboro on Christmas in 1889.


Merry Christmas!!!

December 23, 2011

Top 5 Gift Ideas For Genealogists:

1. Framed Pictures of Ancestors

2. A Framed Family Tree

3. A Framed Copy Of A Newspaper Article About A Family Member

4. An Old Book  or Cookbook With A Past Relative’s Name Signed Inside

5. Old Family Heirlooms, Such As A Piece Of Jewelry


Union Free School a.k.a. The Grand Street School in Marlboro

December 16, 2011







This school was near where the Marlboro Fire House is now. This school opened in December of 1888 and closed in July of 1937.




Old Marlboro Garage Is Today’s River’s Depot on Route 9W

December 9, 2011

This image shows the River Depot when it was still the Marlboro Garage. It looks like there is a WWl “In Flander’s Field” memorial float in front of the garage in this picture. Perhaps it was for Memorial Day, since it is dated May 30th, but the year is unknown.


1911 Reading Room Set Up In The Library For 100th Birthday Party Tomorrow!

December 2, 2011













The Marlboro Free Library is 100 years old! Join us for our Birthday Celebration tomorrow! Kids programs will be from 1-2pm and the Decades Party will be from 5-8pm!