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February is African American History Month

January 31, 2013

Dorothy Maynor
In recognition of Black History Month, here is a page from Images of America: Marlborough book on opera singer, Dorothy Maynor.

Page transcript: “Opera singer and Milton resident Dorothy Maynor (1910-1996), the daughter of Rev. John J. Maynor and Alice Jeffries Maynor, was born on September 3, 1910, in Norfolk, Virginia. She began singing as a young girl in her father’s church. She was educated at the Hampton Institute in Virginia and at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. In 1952, she was the first African American artist to perform at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC.” (Image from the Southern Ulster Times).


February is African American History Month!

February 17, 2011

On HRVH (Hudson River Valley Heritage), there is an educational, detailed exhibit for the African American Presence in the Mid-Hudson Valley during the time of slavery.


Heroes in Our Hometown

February 12, 2010

               As most of us know, Frederick Douglass, who was once a slave, Susan B. Anthony, and Lucretia Mott were key organizers in the 19th century for both the Anti-Slavery and Women’s Rights Movements. What may be scarcely known is that we had organizers right here in Milton, NY. They were among the Hallock and Hull families. Here at the Marlboro Free Library, we have a copy of a letter from L. Mott to Edward Hull, dated 1850, concerning both the Anti-Slavery and Women’s Rights Movements, as well as a copy of a letter to Miss Hull from Susan B. Anthony. In Mary Hallock Foote’s biography, “A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West: The Reminiscences of Mary Hallock Foote,” edited by Rodman W. Paul, Foote mentioned, on page 54, that her Aunt Sarah Hull Hallock belonged to the New York Anti-Slavery Society. Foote also wrote that “Frederick Douglass was our guest upon a time.” It is stated on page 54 that Foote’s “Aunt Sarah (Hull Hallock) was far ahead of all the men and most of the women of the family on the question of Woman’s Rights.”