This is the Marlboro Free Library’s local history blog. It will contain historical updates about our local history here in Marlboro, New York.

All the images and information on this blog may be used for research, scholarship, and private study purposes only. If information or images are needed for another purpose, then the library must be contacted and asked permission. The Marlboro Free Library can be contacted by phone at 845-236-7272. For more contact information, please visit the Marlboro Free Library’s website, marlborolibrary.org.

Local History & Genealogical Research

We have a collection of books, photos and other materials that are kept protected under lock and key. Genealogists and Local History researchers are encouraged to call ahead so we can have staff available to assist. We ask that you review and sign our use policy of local history materials at the Circulation Desk. Telephone and e-mail inquiries are handled as soon as we can get to them. Please see our page on this blog  titled service fees.

An exciting new resource at the Library is HeritageQuest Online. HeritageQuest offers many resources for genealogical research including U.S. federal censuses from 1790, 1800, 1810, 1840, and 1870; over 16,000 downloadable titles from the UMI Genealogy & Local History collection; expert verification and indexing, and much more.

Any advertisements that appear on this blog do not represent the library, nor are they paying the library, they are through wordpress only.

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